Zimmermann 2012

Zimmerman 2012! Zimmerman 2012!

Forget the drama surrounding KONY 2012 and the horrors inflicted on children in other countries. Let’s focus on the invisible children living in this country. The racism that occurs on a daily basis here.

There are so many heated politics surrounding this issue and you bet I have some pretty strong opinions myself. But, politics aren’t really the primary focus of this blog so I’ll have to post those thoughts elsewhere. However, I have to say that I am so proud of the way our children have responded to this issue and taken action.

Students are rallying everywhere to let their voices be heard. They want justice for Trayvon Martin. Rightfully so. They’ve organized protests around the country demanding the arrest of George Zimmermann.

They have resources at their disposal which we never had. A few weeks ago, they witnessed KONY 2012 go viral in a matter of hours and now have evidence that their voices can be far reaching given the influence of social media. Students everywhere are using Facebook and Twitter to join forces and rally together for this cause. And it’s working!

Students are also sending empty bags of Skittles to law enforcement officials as well as the State Attorney’s office urging them to take notice. Not just take notice, but arrest Zimmermann for the murder of Trayvon Martin.

I can’t help but think what a radical influence this may have on many of the teenager’s development. It is my sincere hope that they will be able to see that there is a way to fight against the injustices in the world. Their actions and voices can and do make a difference. They are already seeing some success as the chief of police stepped down from office today. How powerful would it be if our children were able to see that they can influence our world in a positive way? To know that they can be agents of change?

I’ve worked with so many children and teenagers who have at such a young age already developed an attitude of defeat. They say in one way or another- “we can’t change it, so why bother?”

But today they are bothering. And today they are seeing that their actions can have an effect. They can make an impact.

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