What Do You Do When Your Toddler Throws a Fit on the Street and Runs Away?

I went to the gym this morning to work out. It was my first time working out since the marathon fiasco. It looks like I might survive this horrible flu. I was on the elliptical and the TV in front of me was on TMZ. I watched as they replayed the video of Jennifer Lopez’s bodyguard chasing down her toddler on the sidewalk.

You’ve got to watch this video. It’s hilarious. J.Lo is on a sidewalk with her twins. Her son freaks out in typical toddler fashion and decides to bolt. J.Lo just stands there while her bodyguard runs after the kid and grabs him. He holds him kicking and screaming while carrying him back to J.Lo. He gives the child back to her and she calmly takes the child from him.


How nice would it be to have a bodyguard the size of a linebacker to keep your kids in check when they got out of line? I’d just get to stand there calmly while someone else kept Gus safe. It’s no wonder J.Lo appears completely unfazed by the whole incident. Most of us aren’t so fortunate.

For those of us who live in the city, there’s nothing worse than when your child decides to turn into a monster and see how fast they can sprint. It’s actually quite terrifying. It is also one of the few times that I’ve resorted to spanking my child. Some of you may never read what I write again because I’ve admitted to spanking my child, but hear me out.

I’m not a fan of corporal punishment. I don’t use it very often except in those instances where my son’s safety is in question. And I consider a busy city street to be one of those situations. The first time Gus ever stepped off the curb, I picked him up, smacked him on his butt, and yelled, “No!” It was over a year before he tried to go into the street again.

The spanking was one-trial learning. He learned if he stepped off the curb, it was very unpleasant. It hurt and he got scared. It was exactly what I wanted him to learn. I want him to be scared of going into streets. I want him to be afraid of moving cars. If he is not, he is not safe to walk down the street and frankly, I want him to be safe to walk down the street.

I can’t help thinking that I’d never have to spank my child again if I had a bodyguard. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the luxury.

I’m curious. What do you do when your child has a meltdown on a busy street and takes off running?

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