What Do You Do When Your Child Begs For A Sibling?

Gus is obsessed with getting a baby brother or sister. As soon as my best friend who coincidentally has a daughter born a week apart from Gus had her second child, Charles, the questions began. Baby Charles just had his first year birthday a month ago so that gives you an idea of how long he’s been talking about it. Baby Charles was the first “second” child born and he was followed in pretty rapid succession by many more of my mommy friends trying to complete the two year spacing dream. At this point, almost every single one of his friends has a brother or sister.

He doesn’t just talk about it. He draws pictures about it too. At school, they drew family pictures and his family picture included a pretend baby sister and a pretend baby brother.

He’s recently switched tactics.

He’s started begging.

“Please, mommy! Please, can I have a baby brother? Please. Please. Puh-lease!”

My heart breaks a little bit more each time. I find myself feeling like the worst mom in the world. However, then I remember the train table.

Gus used to be obsessed with trains. He loved them. Played with them endlessly. He started begging me for a train table.

“Please, mommy! Please, can I have a table? Please. Please. Puh-lease!”

I decided to surprise him with a train table. I spent hours researching which table to pick. I didn’t want to buy the big Thomas the Train table because it took up too much room. The table was going to go in his outside play area and I wanted it to be small enough where I could move it inside whenever it rained hard. I found the perfect table. I spent an entire evening meticulously gluing tracks and bridges. I added little houses and trees along the railway. It was an amazing train table by the time I was finished. It looked something like this:

The next day I gave it to Gus. He smiled at it and drove a few of his trains on it haphazardly. And that was it. He never played with the table or his trains again.

So, what am I gonna do about his recent pleas for a sibling?

I think it might be time to get a puppy. Let’s face it. You can give the puppy away to somebody else if it doesn’t really work out. You can’t really put an ad on Craig’s List that says “Adorable Baby Needs a Good Home…”

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