An Unbiased and Sales-free Review About Vital Reds: Everything You Wants to Know!

Vital Red Review

All the fitness-conscious people out there who want to buy Vital Reds but confused about its pros and cons can have a closer look here. This review aims to present them all the important things they need to know for making the right decision. 

⚡ What is Vital Reds? What is vital Reds good for?

Vital Reds is a dietary supplement which is aimed to provide better energy, healthier digestive track and healthier looking skin. The formulation of this product is proprietary which means its exact amounts are not known exactly. 
Available in the powdered form, this health supplement contains polyphenols and a number of micronutrients that human body can easily absorb. The supplement has more than fifty powdered ingredients and only one-scoop per day is recommended. 

Vital Red Review
Vital Reds dietary supplement

It is actually a super food supplement which is developed by Doctor Steven Gundry. The product is marketed for giving a boost of energy levels primarily and consuming it on a regular basis can lead to healthier and glowing skin. 
The formulation is completely soy-free, lectin free and completely sugar free and artificial sweetener free. Makers of the brand claim that it contains a unique blend polyphenols with 34 super fruits that have wide-ranging benefits.

🌟 How Did Vital Reds Start? Who is Dr. Steven Gundry?

Dr Steven Gundry
Dr. Steven Gundry

Combining the power of 34 polyphenols rich super fruits with all the possible natural fat burning ingredients and probiotics, Vital Reds seem to be a promising health supplement. Dr. Steven Gundry discovered this product after a meticulous study on the significance of nutrition on health and well-being.
 He has worked for 40 long years as a physician and published a number of notable books like “The plant paradox”, “The plant paradox cookbook”, “Plant Paradox: Quick and Easy”, “The Longevity Paradox: How to Die Young at a Ripe Old Age.” Etc. 
Vital Reds came into being with the conviction that polyphenols are vital micronutrients for the humans and when they are enough in the diet, they can transform health completely. 

🌟 Important Ingredients of Vital Reds: What vitamins does Dr. Gundry recommend?

Important Ingredients of Vital Reds
Ingredients of Vital Reds

Before making any decision about the purchase you need to know what all it is made up of. Gundry Vital Reds is a store house of polyphenols which are potential antioxidants that keep free radicals and diseases at bay. The product has a wide-ranging components which are all-natural. 

  • Organic carrots
  • Organic apple peel
  • Grape seed extract
  • Organic flax seeds
  • Mulberry fruits
  • European black current
  • Grape Skin extract
  • Blueberry fruit concentrate
  • Pomegranate
  • Orange
  • Cantaloupe
  • Plums
  • Pears
  • Cherry
  • Peach
  • Cinnamon bark
  • Extract of acai fruits
  • Lemon-lime
  • Green tea leaf extract
  • White tea leaf extract
  • Turmeric rhizome
  • Bitter melon fruit extract
  • Black pepper
  • Berberine Hydrochloride
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • L.Reuteri
  • Bifidobacterium lactic

These all nutrient-packed ingredients make it a nutritional power house and a super food. 

🌟 How Does Vital Reds Work? What is the Science Behind it?

The claims of Dr.Gundry product are very high like 90-day money back guarantee but does the product work? What the users of this powdered product are saying about it. Most of the ingredients that are used in the Vital Reds are ultra-beneficial that can promote both the mental and physical health. 
However, there is no such scientific backed study for assessing the effects of Vital Reds. But, it is actually a nutritional powerhouse and contains all the vital nutrients which people may not take from their normal diet. All the micro-nutrients are packed in the form of pills. There are many beneficial elements present in the Vital Reds and that too in high concentration that its excessive intake may harm you. The supplement is a must-try for those who think that their diet is deficient in Vitamins and minerals. 
If you are feeling jittery or uneasy about consuming it or feeling lethargic, having nauseating feeling etc. it is good to consult the right dose with the doctors. 

🌟 Pros and Cons of Vital Reds: Will vital Reds help me lose weight?


  • 100% natural with the high antioxidant content
  • Metabolic blend for the perfect weight loss and high energy levels
  • Contains probiotic and prebiotic for good digestive track
  • A perfect blend for weight loss and energy
  • Power house of nutrients


  • Synthetic minerals and vitamins
  • Too many ingredients
  • Small serving size.

People with rare type of latex allergies should avoid the product at all costs as pineapple, papaya and mango are its main ingredients. Some research works have suggested that a high level of polyphenol can hamper the iron absorption and affect the proper functioning of thyroid. 

🌟 How to Use the Product? How long does vital Reds last?

To get the optimal benefits of the product, Dr. Gundry recommend that only a scoopful of it should be taken in water or any beverage consistently. Doctor says that its formulation gets digested and absorbed quickly whether taken with meal or without it. 
Moreover, most of the customers like taste of this product because Stevia is being used in the product instead of artificial sweeteners. It has a gritty texture and the powder can be mixed with smoothies. Also, it works the best when taken near the meals that have a good amount of fat and it heals the intestinal absorption. It is good to take it before the breakfast comprising of avocado, organic eggs or in smoothie along with the coconut milk.
The product is to be use wisely to avoid all the possible side effects. It is good to increase the dose only slowly. The best way to use it is in the form of smoothies. 

🌟 Possible Side Effects of Vital Reds: Vital Reds Review

It is good to keep in mind that Vital Reds contains a good amount of polyphenols apart from the probiotics. So, there is little to absolutely no possibility of Vital Reds causing side effects at all. Polyphenols have not been known for so long. Research is still on to understand if the product can cause any side-effects. 
Users of the product can report the side-effects like the following:

  • Increased level of bloating, gas in the system and the digestive upsetting.
  • Feeling jittery and an elevated level of blood pressure
  • Headaches, nausea and tiredness. 

Out of these headaches is the most commonly reported side-effects. The product is not recommended for use if you suffer from any kind of stomach problems. If you begin to experience side effects, doctors recommend cutting down the dosage. 
Vital Reds powder looks to be an extremely rich source of beneficial polyphenols and metabolism boosting herbs and spices.
Alternative to Vital Reds:
There is an elaborative list of Vital Reds ingredients and their effect on the body is so complicated that it hard to find out the possible alternatives of the product. Most of the products offer the same characteristics to the Vital Reds but are not very well-known. They are sold in the market under the tag of “Colon Cleansers.”
Some of the products that are best reviewed by the customers are Super Beets, Bowtrol, Colopril and Zymbiotix. However, it is important to consult your personal doctor to know the recommended dose. 

🌟 Conclusion: Is the Product Worth Your Money?

Though the supplement is packed with the vegetables and fruits ingredients and it is an antioxidant rich polyphenol powder drink but a lot of people who have consumed this drink complaint about its less than savory taste. 
This is a whole-food supplement but the high-price associated with it can be a de-motivating factor for the consumers. 
There are other competitor products that are offering better value to the customers. Some of the claims made by Dr. Steven Gundry like 90-day money back guarantee looks like an exaggeration. 
Overall, a good product for those who have a good polyphenol intake and think that they are not getting enough of vitamins and minerals from their diets. Vital Reds powder is an immensely rich source of polyphenols, herbs and spices contained in it increases metabolism to a great extent. 

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